One of?Nigeria?s?top?Disc?Jockeys, (DJs),?Afagwu?Benedict, (DJ?Humility),?has thrown away his toga of humility and taken on?Nigerian?rapper,?Wale, to the cleaners, calling the?United?States?of?America based artiste a bastard for his continued insults on?Nigerian?stars.

DJ?Humility?took to?social media?platform,?Twitter,?and blasted away at?Wale,?whose real name isOlubowale?Victor?Akintimehin, saying the ?Dig?Dug??rapper does not respect our stars, citing an example where the guy reportedly disrespected ?African?Rapper?Number?1?,?MI?Abaga, two years ago during the?BET?Awards?in the?USA.

DJ?Humility?went further to say that he ran into?Wale?in a night club in the?States?and went over to greet him and introduce himself as a?Nigerian?jockey, but that?Wale?shunned and insulted him instead.

This is what transpired in the tweets an angry?DJ?Humility?posted:

Dj Humility, Twitter, Bastard

Dj Humility, Twitter


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