drama festival
drama festival

The chiefs and people of Sovi, a suburb of Afife in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, have instituted an annual folk drama festival to promote Ewe Oral History.

The two-day exposition on the rich African cultural heritage, held every New Year, attracted local and foreign tourists, this year.

The festival, showcased varieties of indigenous plays, staged by the Sovi Elete Group, with support from the Sovi Development Planning Committee.

The 2019 show explored the Ewe proverb: “Fuvi metsia fu me kuna o.”- To wit “The oppressed will one day be liberated.”

Mr Gad Agbayiza, Youth Organiser of the Development Planning Committee, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) the festival was handed down by their forebears to promote the Ewe cultural heritage.

“This drama festival has been in existence for decades. Our grandfathers and mothers celebrated it to entertain their audience, and pass on their history” he said.

Mr. Agbayiza said the uniqueness of the festival was the use of drama to explain some African proverbs as well as their applications in real life.

He said the indigenes were greatly endowed in the arts and considered the drama festival an avenue for amateur performers to unearth their talents and strive for professional excellence.

Mr Agbayiza appealed to government through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to support the festival to attract more tourists and boost the local economy.



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