President Yoweri Museveni
President Yoweri Museveni

A South Sudanese youth forum on Tuesday called on Ugandan President Yowei Museveni to step up the pressure for a lasting solution to the crisis in the world’s newest country.

Ahead of a pivotal inaugural visit into Uganda, the South Sudan Young Leadership Forum (SSYLF) also called on Museveni to support the renewed regional peace process and help to galvanize the region into ensuring lasting peace and stability in South Sudan.

“The central role that president Museveni plays within the South Sudan crisis places him in a position of leadership to ensuring that peace process works and is inclusive of all including the youth,” the SSYLF said in a joint statement issued in Nairobi.

Amid renewed call for leadership into the South Sudan conflict situation, the SSYLF, a forum of young South Sudan leaders are transversing the region pushing the agenda for the youth of South Sudan to take over the peace process.

By addressing Museveni and calling upon him to take centre-stage to pro-actively push for a lasting solution to the South Sudan conflict, the young leaders are reaching out to critical regional stakeholders to embrace the fresh thinking and intervention to the South Sudan crisis.

The new approach is to infuse the inclusivity and full participation of the younger generation who have, over the years been overlooked in the unfolding events of the South Sudan Conflict, it said.

In June, Museveni hosted a massive global conference on South Sudanese refugees which was attended by top-level dignitaries such as UN Secretary General.

South Sudan descended into violence in December 2013 after political dispute between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar led to fighting that pitted mostly Dinka ethnic soldiers loyal to Kiir against Machar’s Nuer ethnic group.

The 2015 peace agreement to end the violence was again violated in July 2016 when the rival factions resumed fighting in the capital forcing the rebel leader Machar to flee into exile.

The conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions that have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Enditem

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