Officials said the Al-Qaida linked militants attempted to capture the town guarded by Somalia national and African Union troops when the fighting ensued.


Spokesman of Lower Shabelle region Mohammed Shino told Xinhua that attempts by Al-Shabaab militants to capture Qoyolay town failed to materialize thanks to stiff resistance from Somalia government and African Union troops.

“There was heavy gun fire when Al-Shabaab militants attempted to recapture Qoyolay town from government and African Union forces. Independent sources have confirmed that nine Al-Shabaab militants and five soldiers died during the fighting,” Shino told Xinhua.

He added that unconfirmed reports had also pointed at possible death of civilians during the night-long gun battle.

African Union and Somalia government forces freed Qoloyay town from Al-Shabaab in March 2014. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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