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Opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader Hellen Zille on Friday denied allegations that the DA was connected with the reintroduction of a racial segregation system, known as the “dompas”.

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The system was initiated by the South African Police Service (SAPS) and wasn’t connected to the DA, Zillie told the provincial parliament of the Western Cape Province.
Zille, Premier of the Western Cape Province run by the DA, laid the blame on the ruling African National Congress (ANC) which she said was the first to reintroduce the system in Gauteng Province.
The system was endorsed by the ANC, politicians, unions, farmworkers and the ANC as a safety measure in Gauteng, according to Zille.
The DA was taken to task when news emerged in early March that in the DA-run Breedevalley Municipality in Worcester, the Western Cape, black gardeners and domestic workers are forced to carry the dreaded green pass, or dompas, in order to gain access to areas mainly inhabited by whites.
The dompas, apartheid South Africa’s most demeaning instrument of racial segregation, sought to ensure that the movement of black people was limited and that certain areas were to be protected as the sole reserves of white South Africans.
The system was introduced by the town’s Community Policing Forum (CPF), in collaboration with the SAPS in June 2014 as a security measure against crimes. Job-seekers and workers in certain residential areas were issued with cards bearing their photographs and personal details. It is also reported that people who do not have a green card are treated with suspicion and monitored closely by the CPF.
The ANC has accused the DA of reactivating an identity system which is nothing but an evil apartheid relic.
But Zille said on Friday the DA objected to the system at the very beginning.
She said that when the system was first introduced in Gauteng, the only person who objected to the move was the DA’s spokesperson who issued a statement to that effect.
Zille said a “dompas” system in place in Worcester was actually reintroduced by the ANC.
The ANC has called on the Human Rights Commission to carry out an investigation into the matter.
National Police Commissiner Riah Phiyega said earlier that the SAPS has begun a process to withdraw the green passes. Enditem

Source: Xinhua



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