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The South African government will take action against illegal immigrants, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday amid growing complaints that many crimes are committed by illegal foreigners.

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“We are tightening security in all our ports of entry to ensure deal with the problem of illegal migration,” Zuma said on the occasion of the 22nd commemoration of the passing of anti- apartheid hero Martin Chris Hani in Boksburg, Johannesburg.
But Zuma also said the government will continue to protect all the people in the country including foreign nationals.
Refugees and asylum seekers will also be accorded support in line with international law and protocols, he said.
“We therefore urge our people to treat those who are in the country legally with respect and Ubuntu,” Zuma said in apparent reference to recent new spates of xenaphobia violence in parts of the country.
“It is also true that some of the foreign owned businesses do not comply with the country’s laws and are therefore operating illegally. Because they are illegal, they do not pay taxes like other businesses,” Zuma said.
Everyone operating a business in South Africa, whether one is a citizen or a foreign national, must adhere to the country’s laws for registering and operating a business, Zuma stressed.
“We will not tolerate illegal trade.”
He said the government will enforce laws and bylaws more stringently and ensure that nobody trades illegally and disadvantages other traders.
Zuma said the government is aware of the complaints by some South Africans that some foreign nationals start small businesses in townships that compete against South African-owned businesses leading to some having to shut down.
“We are also determined to continue taking action against all foreign nationals who commit crime in our country. At the same time, action is also being taken against South Africans who commit crime. We should therefore not view all foreign nationals as criminals.”
“Having said that, we also emphasize that no amount of economic hardship and discontent will ever justify attacking foreign nationals who own shops and other businesses.”
The government condemns such attacks and will take action against perpetrators, he added.
Foreign nationals who are trading illegally should be reported to the police. They should not be attacked by residents or local traders, said Zuma. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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