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“Our Constitution calls on us to heal the divisions of the past and to establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental rights,” said the foundation, founded by former S. African President Frederik Willem de Klerk, in a statement.

South Africa Flag
South Africa

Non-racialism is one of the foundational values on which the South African new society has been created and human dignity is another, it said.

Racist statements such as those of Penny Sparrow, an estate agent, who labelled blacks as “monkeys” cause enormous hurt and seriously strain relationships between the communities, it added.

“We call on Ms Sparrow to make an unqualified apology for her remarks and to acquaint herself with the values on which our new society has been established,” said the foundation.

Sparrow caused a public uproar after twitting on social media that blacks were like “monkeys” who were allowed to go onto public beaches in Durban reserved for the white people during New Year.

The trouble with Sparrow’s remarks is that they reinforce black stereotypes of whites as insensitive and supercilious racists, the foundation said, adding that these stereotypes are also unfair and further erode relationships between the communities.

“We should seek to understand and appreciate one another’s cultures and should treat everyone with the respect that we would like them to show to us,” it said. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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