Bigen Africa, a South African infrastructure development firm with fast growing presence in Africa, is to meet various stakeholders in Ghana to explore how it could help accelerate the pace of infrastructure development in Ghana.

The Bigen Africa’s delegation, including its Chairman, Dr. Iraj Abedian, will meet industry players and Ms Hanna Tetteh, Minister of Trade and Industry, while in Accra to seek business opportunities and establish useful partnerships.

“Bigen Africa is passionate about furthering growth in African countries and understands the unique challenges faced by them,” said Anton Boshoff, Chief Operating Officer.

“It is the company’s vision to develop sustainable infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the communities where we work.”

Mr Boshoff said the company has a policy to partner strong local companies and also promote the use of local labour and material in efforts to enhance access to services, poverty reduction and capacity building in the communities.

The company has achieved a high level of black economic empowerment recognition in South Africa and has received many international awards for performance.

As a provider of engineering, management consulting, development financing and advisory services, the company has successfully delivered cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure projects in several African countries, including Botswana, Malawi, Angola and Nigeria.

It is now ready to address infrastructure needs in Ghana and Kenya in the spheres of land development, energy provision, water supply and sanitation, structures, roads and transport, mining and industrial development.

Mr Emmanuel Kere, Bigen Africa’s Executive Director Africa, said the company’s aim is to offer indigenous solutions to Africa’s infrastructural challenges.

“It is time that the African countries started exploiting their own markets,” he said, adding that Bigen Africa will serve as a perfect strategic partner for Ghana to meet its infrastructure needs by using its extensive experience to provide innovative and sustainable infrastructure development solutions.”

Dr Iraj Abedian, Chairman Bigen Africa, said the African continent has a backlog of infrastructure deficit that should be dealt with to boost economic development.

“It is clear that without infrastructure economy cannot function,” he said and called for the development of the African capital markets to allow it to be used as a mechanism to raise funds to meet the urgent infrastructure gap.

“Capital market development is important and without it the ability to source funding would be limited,” he told a meeting of stakeholders, adding that the capital market should be seen as relevant to meeting infrastructure needs.

Bigen Africa is now focusing on expanding into West Africa through Ghana and will then progress into East Africa through Kenya. By 2016, the company will roll its offices into Central and North Africa.

Source: GNA


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