The assault was registered at Palm Grove Lodge which is under the management of white South Africans, said police on Thursday.

The citizen who got injured in his head reported the incident to the police describing that he suspected that the violence was clearly motivated by racism.

“We had booked a place there but when we arrived they said there was no booking, they played strange music and the only music we recognized we started dancing they quickly stopped it. We went to the pool it was full of people, when we dived in all others left the pool and we found that strange,” said the Mozambican unidentified victim.

The victim said they were the only black people in the lodge that is the reason why they suspect racism was the motive for the aggression.

Although Mozambican legislation does not penalize racism, the Inhambane city judge, Alexandre Ndlovo said that if it is proven that racism was the motive of the aggression the sentence against the aggressor could be heavy.

“This case is about physical assault, if the victim somehow got serious injuries that force him to stop working, that would be worse to the aggressor, also if racism is proven as the reason behind the aggression it could make things to the defendant worse,” said Ndlovo.

On the other hand, he called attention of the society not considering racism an aggression only because it was committed by a man of a different race.

The lodge authorities deny all allegations of racism in their lodge and said that all people involved in the fight were not booked in the lodge. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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