South Africa’s government has voiced its opposition to assisted suicide, after a landmark court ruling last week to grant a terminally ill man the right to die. wpid-Gavel-justice-court-law.png
“No one under the constitution of South Africa has got the right to kill another person,” Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Michael Masutha, on Monday told the morning live of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, “By assisting any person to kill himself, one becomes a party to murder.”
The North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria last Thursday ruled that Robin Stransham-Ford, 65, who suffered from prostate cancer, could allow a doctor to help him end his life – a request from him, and the doctor would not face prosecution.
Judge Hans Fabricius also determined that the prohibition of assisted suicide by doctors limits South Africans’ constitutional rights to human dignity, which he expected to give reasons for the ruling this week.
Stransham-Ford died of natural causes on the same day.
The ministry of justice and correctional services is expected to appeal the ruling.
Assisted suicide is illegal in South Africa, but some civil organizations have urged legalization of it. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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