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The South African government said on Wednesday defended a new and stricter regulation for children traveling in and out of the country, saying it is intended to protect children. Travel plan
“These requirements, relating to travelling with children, are aimed at promoting the principle that all children must have the consent of parents when travelling into or out of the Republic,” Mkuseli Apleni, Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs, told a press briefing in Pretoria.
He was referring to the requirement for all children (those under age 18) travelling to and from South Africa to be with their birth certificate in addition to their passport and visa. The regulations took effect on June 1.
The move can protect children from abduction, he indicated.
In an assessment released on Tuesday, the Tourism Business Council of South Africa estimated that around 15 percent of tourists to South Africa, that’s about 1.4 million people, would be impacted by the new requirement, assuming a ratio of one adult to one child.
“Approximately 700,000 children visited South Africa in 2014… Assuming a 20-percent drop in demand from the family market will result in a direct, indirect and induced loss to the South African economy of at least 10 billion rand (about 813 million US dollars) per annum and potential job losses of around 24, 000,” the report said. Enditem


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