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Recently,  Nigerian pop sensation Soul E revealed that he is now a prophet. He said ?I was called into the office of a prophet.? On Saturday,  Soul E took to his Instagram page to share a vision he received from God. He claims that in the vision, he saw Wizkid poisoned and Davido in a very fatal accident. Soul E?s aim for sharing his vision was to caution the music superstars.

?When GOD gives a vision he gives it so we are careful and pray, as I was sleeping the lord open my eyes and saw Wizkid been poisoned, he needs to be very careful and get close to GOD, I also saw Davido in a very fatal moto (motor) car accident I stand a (as a) prophet and I cancel this, finally I saw ASO ROCK on fire the president needs to delay 3day of fasting and pray for the nation am not hear to make any one afraid if GOD reviews a vision he is ready to save?.. SOUL E? he shared.

Soul E Baba Instagram - March 2014 - BellaNaija


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