Ever woke up and felt like you were fed up with school and wanted to feel alive again? That’s probably because you were not in soul clinic- a school that has consistently built the minds and souls of pupils of all ages for 45 years; its safe to call it a generational school.
IMG_9270[1]In accordance to the school’s dedication to allow students feel like flowering bud and not inmates in a jail cell, the school organized a pre-val variety show, to give the soul kids the opportunity to exhibit their full potential and talent.
The event could be likened to an audition for stars of the next generation. From the Saxophone, rap music to dance all were exhibited- even Rihanna’s stay wasn’t spared as a one student aimed to to it better than RiRi.
The event did not only unearth talent, but offered the the students a moment to recuperate after a rigorous month at school.
Speaking to the management of the Soul Clinic, it was reiterated that the school’s focus was to give kids the necessary platform to excel both academically and talent-wise..

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