Is there anything Sonniballi cant do? It would seem not, Saturday night (8th September 2012) the Soul Healer took to the stage in London, at Bigg Nash Promotions ?It?s a Dancehall Ting!? and its safe to say the crowd wont forget the Badhabbits Entertainment star?s performance in a hurry.

As Sonniballi took to the stage, a slight technical difficulty delayed the start of his performance, however the ?All They See? singer took it in his stride and treated the audience to a rare acapella showcase of some of his biggest tracks including ?Cocky Rasta? & ?When Your Gone? as well as some sneak peaks from his up and coming mix-tape ?The Saviour? with a heavy focus on his latest track ?Dance Tonight?.

When the DJ still hadn?t solved the issue, Sonniballi joked ?I?m gonna have to start without you!? and which point he sent a personal birthday message to Tonisha Tagoe, the Miss West Africa UK 2012 2nd Runner up saying ?Happy Birthday Miss Tagoe, our beautiful princess representing Ghana in the UK.?

As the crowd soaked up all that the Soul Healer gave, he left them in awe with a freestyle jam session, where he encouraged them to beat-box for him!

Once the technical issue was resolved, Sonniballi was joined on stage by Fuse ODG and the pair gave their first LIVE performance together of ?Come Over? a track that will be officially released in Winter 2012 and if the crowds reaction is anything to go by, this is a future hit for the pair. Fuse ODG also performed his latest single ?Antenna? and teased the crowd with an ?Azonto? dance off.

Prior to Sonniballi?s performance Mista Silva took to the stage and sang ?Craze My Mind?, a track recorded with the Soul Healer and the crowd went nuts, screaming for Sonniballi to join him on stage, which after an invite from Mista Silva, he did with a humble smile.

The industry recently dubbed Summer 2012 as ?The Summer of the Soul Healer? however it seems the Summer is just the beginning as Sonniballi shows no sign of slowing down on his mission to bring ?Music versatility? to the world.

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Nana Quasi Paapa Abakah


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