Life is a precious gift given to every living thing by almighty God.

Among these living things, the life given to mankind is considered the greatest by all religious bodies around the globe.

However, ones longevity of life on this planet could be determined by the attitude that the person is in because the good book (The Bible) has emphatically stated in Psalm 90:10 that ?Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass and we flyaway.? (New International Version)

As a human being, created in the likeness and image of God, we should target the rightful age that has being stated in the Bible.

How could this lifespan be achieved?

There are many people in the grave who souls have perished due to what they do with their bodies when living on earth or what they said with their lips.

Armed robbers, whores, dipsomaniacs, smokers among other social vices also die younger in the course of discharging their immoral duties.

Numerous folks also meet their untimely demise due to the kind of food they eat or drink.

When such people were served with plenty meat and small food with drinks, they became much excited but they refused to think about the side effect of the intake.

They sometimes attribute their fatty bodies to well living and before they could realise the earth has swallowed them.

In most cases too, farmers contribute greatly to the early death of many people as they apply chemicals to their farm produce especially vegetables in the quest for maximizing profit.

Dear reader, life is precious, life is hope, life is good but life is ephemeral.

It is therefore incumbent on us to check our ways of living and halt every negative influences on our lives so as to enable us achieve God?s expected lifespan.

Smoking is a death trap whiles alcohol is a great mocker. Anyone who combines these two things faces the possibility of perishing young.

It would be therefore important for drug addicts to examine their lives-style and turn away from activities and practices that could destroy their souls or render in them disability.

The government also has an essential role to play in the agricultural field thereby organising monitoring team to ensure that farmers reduce the excess application of agro-chemicals on crops.

As I conclude this article, I would like to urge all and sundry to champion a good towards the attainment of long life.

I always ask myself that when I die a foolish death, where do I go? Because Heaven is real and Hell too is real. The span of your life is determined by yourself so wise up.



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