Apple has warned some long-time users of its iCloud online storage and syncing service that the free 20GB of storage given them two years ago will disappear at the end of September.

The warnings were sent only to customers who had earlier subscribed to iCloud?s predecessor, the?problem-plagued MobileMe.

During the switch from MobileMe to iCloud ? a process that started in October 2011 and ended in June 2012 ? Apple offered an additional 20GB of storage to MobileMe subscribers, who had paid $99 annually for that amount of space. The 20GB was atop the standard 5GB all iCloud users received, giving former MobileMe customers a total of 25GB.

Last year, Apple pegged Sept. 30, 2012, as the end of the free ride, an extension from an earlier June 30 deadline. Before the cut-off date, however, Apple extended the 20GB deal another 12 months to Sept. 30, 2013.

To keep the 25GB, customers must soon fork over $40 a year. Computerworld


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