Noor Afrax doesn’t seem underestimated and if he does, he wouldn’t have been convincing his idealistic doctrines of reaping peace in the war-torn country of Horn of Africa, Somalia-and East Africa as whole.

Noor’s instinctive tutelage completely rests on his NGO, AFRAX Help and Reform Educators for Somalia. The NGO was founded by him and his team who demonstrated devotion and determination to indoctrinate the people to the idea of perpetual peace.

The NGO’s Objectives are dominated on how to create awareness against terrorism and piracy in Somalia. When Noor was asked the credibility of the NGO, “We remain true to our values which are and will always be the objectives of the NGO,” he attested.

Had it not been recently that Noor’s country had mired with extremists he would be increasing his capitalism business that had raised him above others and took him to where he is today.

Our correspondence asked Noor how him and his emaciated team would face powerful groups like Al-shabab, a recently proclaimed and joined the International terrorists.

“we are consensus and need ovation if the people are not cynicals.” he continued “Jihad is pragmatic that will only impose inflammatory. So it will be reputable if we don’t use the harsh form or part of the Quran.”

AFRAXhres had established three centers
the Centers will educate people against terrorism and piracy. Though Noor and his team seem to be vibrant and exhilarating who need output, the donors don’t pay the needed attention so that AFRAXhres’s top-notched work would be felt and appreciated in the region.
Noor hopes his work will be espoused someday and he accepts the challenges if polarized though he doesn’t welcome both.

This story is contributed by AFRAXhres’s director, Noor Afrax and our E.Africa’s correspondence


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