If you are asked that which one is the best os among the smartphone market right now then what will you say. It will be certainly the Android OS. It is a rapidly developing mobile operating system, that is used by large number of  devices. Modern smartphones are far more than just a communicating devices. They usually have long lists of various features to satisfy all kinds of demands. The video play back is one of the most called for features of smartphone. Besides the tablet pc and system, lots of people use their android phones to enjoy their favorite videos wherever they want. But sometime this cannot possible to play all the videos on android device. But there is no need to take any kind of tension because you can convert your unsupported video files with the help of Android video converter.

This android video converter tool is very useful and has such feature to convert any video files into the android supported files and then you can watch that video on your android smartphone.

You have to follow some steps to convert the video with this converter tool. Download and install the android converter.Select the conversion mode like Google android built in conversion.Select output folder according to your preferences.Add the video file to convert the video.Press the start button to initiate conversion process.
Android has become one of the most popular software platforms for mobile devices and Google android phones are winning more and more new users. This converter will convert the video files that support the android operating system even without losing the quality of video files. This converter is very efficiently convert your video files. The most important thing is that it will never let you feel that is is a converted file. It always seems like original video files. So suppose if you are in trouble and not able to play your most important on your android device. It means that your video files doesn’t support the android os. Then with the help of android video converter, you can watch your video on your android device very easily.The boundary of android OS is not limited and it is increasing day to day. It keeps on advancing its software. Due to increasing area of the OS, it will add some special features that will help to run any kind of videos on this OS but still some video files are unsupported with Android OS and to run them on the android device you need to convert those video with the help of Android video converter software. This converter software make those all unsupported video files that can run on the android os.

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