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Football Preview

Yussif Basigi, coach of the national under-19 female football team, the Black Princesses, has said, the strengthening of the local games remains a vital factor for the success of women’s football on the international stage.

The recent setbacks of the Black Maidens and Black Queens have aroused talks in the football fraternity, which suggest a new roadmap for women’s football especially with the induction of the Normalization Committee, currently spearheading local reforms.


According to the former Black Queens coach , more competitions would have to be introduced in the near future to keep the players very active and competitive as it would lead to the best players inducted into various national teams.

”Strengthening local competitions to keep the players very active and competitive. The main focus should be on strengthening the league, because if you invite players who are rusty to camp it takes long for you to get them in shape for pending competitions.

”We should get more competitions for women’s game and with them being active, trust me we can get the best players to represent the country.

He said women’s game need massive investment for Ghana to thrive on the international scene, as the current state of women’s football was appalling with managers and club owners struggling to take care of the players.

”Doing women’s football is very difficult and the club owners can attest to this assertion of mine. There is little support for women’s game and it makes difficult for the owners to accommodate and feed the players,” he stated.

He also called for a stakeholders meeting in the shortest possible time to trigger a discussion in various ways to help move the women’s game forward.


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