The crowd had gathered to protest the American movie that has generated a violent reaction in Libya and Egypt

A crowd of Muslims protesting in Jos against an American movie, about the Prophet Mohammed, were on Friday afternoon dispersed by soldiers.

The protest, which started after Friday prayers, had the protesters march from the city?s centre, towards Bauchi road in the northern part of the city, before they were intercepted by soldiers who fired live rounds into the air to disperse the crowd.

The movie, produced by an Israeli-American, Sam Bacile, has caused unrest in several Muslim dominated countries. Protesters, against the movie, in Libya stormed the American Embassy in Benghazi killing four American diplomats including the American Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. Protesters in Egypt also stormed the American Embassy in Cairo destroying the American flag.

The protesters in Jos distributed image printouts from the film, which Muslims around the world say insults the Prophet.

The U.S. embassy had earlier warned that such protests could occur in Nigeria.

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