While the recent energy crisis has greatly affected many businesses, some traders are making money out of the situation.

Some traders in Accra are making profits off the sale of solar lamps due to the high demand for alternative sources of power, considering the erratic power supply plaguing the country.

According to madam Lydia, Manager at TINA BUAMAH VENTURES who spoke to Business Day, she make as much as thousand cedis (GHS 1,000) in a week due to the high demand for solar lamps.

She further stated that the high pricing of the product has nothing to do with the crisis but rather the high exchange rate of the dollar on the market.

Lydia deals in portable solar power products such as house wall light, study lamps, outdoor camping or traveling light, hanging light and emergency tool light. She also deals in mini solar panels ? that can power a single electric bulb and a mobile phone- and slightly bigger ones, which can power light bulbs and laptops.

These lamps, she said, vary in prices with the least going for GHc100 per lamp.

Checks further revealed that other traders who engage in the sale of other products have also turned to the solar lamps business to make extra profits in the face of the energy crisis.

A trader at Madina market, who spoke to Business Day revealed that though he sold electrical bulbs for a living, the product (electrical bulbs) did not generate enough profit under the current circumstance and as such he engages in the solar energy appliance business since the product is in high demand currently.

??selling solar appliance during the power fluctuation is a good business.?? he told Business Day.



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