Economies and Countries all over the world who have made a thorough cost analysis of the electricity and solar have come out to say that the best for both developing and developed countries is Solar Energy.

A short and long term cost analysis shows that Solar is more expensive in the short term than the long term when compared to Electricity.

Due to these outcomes most countries, both the developing and developed have chosen Solar though it is expensive in short term.

Some of these developed countries who have installed solar energy and using them so effectively are Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, UK, USA, and Japan among others.

With Germany leading in the total solar capacity chart, some of the worlds strongest economies in recent times like USA, UK and Japan are almost at the bottom of the table showing the total energy usage capacity.

Recently, most developing countries in the African continent have given a chase to their European counterparts. Some of these African countries are Algeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Morocco. One of the countries currently blazing the trail now in the exploration of solar use is Ghana.

The company stated ?We?re passionate about renewables and providing people with robust energy, which is both reliable and cheap?.

With this upgrading in countries and continents all around, We look forward to see  that more of these developing countries join in the fray for renewable energy to become common since it?s more or less expensive and take lesser time. This can also contribute to the achievement of making the world a better place for humans.

Source: Atsiavor Israel


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