Gradually IT involves in every industry and becomes the essential part of the business. Without the help of IT no business can sustain its growth and development. In every steps of the business IT technology play an important part and ease the tasks of day-to-day work in the industry. Use of software or software application development lower the cost of production considerably and also lower the cost of administration overall this way it helps the business direct or an indirect manner.There are many industry which benefited by the software application development and they are including construction and artifact exoteric or other products, buildings, vehicles, electronic equipment, etc. Even the best professionals in project management is responsible for the project, the software provides detailed justification for the idea, including calculations and statistical implications. Web based software management provides the best alternative of the most tedious and complicated methods of the desktop software and provides the great opportunity to improve the overall management. Use of software application development gives you an edge over your competitors by providing essential tools for business, specifically for large number of report generations and statistical functions considering the time axis. A website with a software application development is a true answer of the cost effective management as it resides on the server at the web host and leaves only client computers for the users. Therefore big enterprises prefer web based solutions of their software application development and saves lots of resources and tensions for maintenance.Inventory management software is higher in demand and plays a crucial role in e-commerce. Its usage is increasing day by day as e-commerce has prolific growth in the market. Inventory plays an important role in industries like small and medium sized enterprises like shopping mall, home businesses, book store, boutique and others.The obvious benefits of the software applications development are including: · It minimizes the business expenditure as use of software minimizes the expenses on the other resources. You can save capital on transportation, communication, infrastructure security and data confidentiality. · Software application development utilizing time for fast delivery. The access of this software to your dedicated employees or customers will inspire them to work better with the provision to dig the data as pre their convenience and hence results will be fruitful.· Software application development is steady fast and safe mode of communication.· It provides prolonged HR management/administration.

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