Societe-Generale (SG) Ghana has launched a referral campaign dubbed: ?Spread the Word Promotion? to encourage existing customers to share their good experiences at the bank with others.?

Mr Gilbert Hie, Managing Director of SG Ghana, speaking at the launch, said the bank, following the Power of 250 promotions it embarked on last year, wanted to keep the spirit of rewarding its customers going thus the new promotion.

?The ?spread the word promotion? has been designed to reward even more customers. All they have to do is spread the word and tell their friends, colleagues and loved ones about how beneficial and satisfying it is to be a Societe-General customer, to be guaranteed rewards? he said.

The promotion, which runs from now until December 31, 2015, works by rewarding existing customers who refer new customers to the bank while also rewarding the new customers when they open a current account with the bank.

Mr Francois Marchal, Deputy Managing Director of SG Ghana, the Spread the Word promotion was in line with the bank?s strategy to show its customers that it valued their enthusiasm and loyalty.

?We believe that it is important to build real team spirit with all our customers and this is the best way to achieve this,? he said.

He said the positive feedback received from customers showed that they would be the best candidates to honestly share their joy and satisfaction at being on the SG Team with others.

?When our customers spread the word, you can trust that their opinion is highly objective and unbiased and rooted in their day to day experiences with the bank.?

Mr Frederick Addy, Head of Segment and Product Development, said when a referred person, who must be a salaried worker, opens a current account with an initial deposit of GH? 50.00, he or she would receive a welcome gift.

The referrer receives rewards at three stages of the promotion: when the referred person?s salary, pension or social security is paid into the new account, the referrer receives GH? 25.00, paid directly into his/her account.

If the referred customer receives three consecutive salaries, both the referred and the referrer earn 50 points, if the referred applies for and is given a loan of GH? 5000.00 and above within the promotional period, he/she receives 50 points while the referrer receives 100 points.

Mr Addy said at the end of the promotion, the total points accumulated would be converted into cash and paid into the customers? accounts.

?Everyone wins because there are no restrictions with regard to how many people you can bring on board as referred customers! In fact the more people you bring on, the more rewards you get,? he said, adding: ?Bring five people, you can walk away with up to GH? 875.00 bring 10 people and you will get GH? 1,750.00.?


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