Social Networking

By Odimegwu Onwumere?

We have to disabuse our minds

that social networking on the internet

is dangerous because there were cases

of dupe, distrust, murder, and so on

that were hatched on connections

on the internet to the physical.

The world outside the internet

is even more dangerous to live in.

The world carries with it

bags of concealed weapons

that the unlucky becomes a victim.

??Because of Capitalism,

the world will never be a better place

and anyone who tries to make it a better place

becomes the victim of the bad ones.

The world is full of people

when caught firing their guns

would say they did not fire their guns

but projected them to the direction

they wanted to gain from.

?Let us start by keeping fears out of our minds

because there will always be the victims

and victors of this world.

?Living too much in fear can be dangerous

because fear is transient, treacherous and iniquitous.

?We must wear our brain helmet in this dangerous world

while in the business of friendship with friends

on the Social Networking websites in the world.

Source:?Odimegwu Onwumere?


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