Social media
Social media

The Superintendent Minister of the Gomoa Manso Circuit of the Methodist Church, Very Rev. Simon Adjei has expressed grave concern about the misuse and abuse of the social media, saying it poses serious threat to the youth.

Addressing the 5th Biennial Conference of the Youth Fellowship of the Church at Gomoa Idankrom in the Central Region on the theme ”The Role of the Youth in Rekindling the Methodist Evangelical Heritage to Make Disciples of all Nations”, Very Rev. Simon Adjei noted that social media is intended to be used to learn and share useful information, but however stressed that the youth are rather abusing it by using it to spread unacceptable information and images like nude pictures.

According to him, the problem is not only peculiar to non-Christian but Christian youth who are expected to serve as role model to their compatriot.

He said if care is not taking and steps adopted to control the trend, majority of the youth, including Christians would be swayed from their faith as a result of their adverse indulgence in the negative use and abuse of social media.

He therefore advised youth of the Church to refrain from the abusive use of social media but rather learn to use it positively to benefit their day to day life.

By. Robert Ayanful