I think being Beyonce or her Husband Jay Z is one of the hardest jobs on earth. With all the success in their careers, they know no peace, as much as they don’t want trouble and keep it cool on everything, it seems trouble knows it’s own way to find Bey and her Hubby Jigga. Well latest news from MTO says that Beyonce’s wonder child “Blue Ivy” is not the one Beyonce takes around for paparazzi reasons, Seriously? Check out the picture below and check out how the reporters reported it maybe they could convince you as I’m not falling for this.

MediaTakeOut.com has been doing some digging…and we just uncovered some shocking evidence…and it suggest that Beyonce may be carrying around a fake baby – possible as a decoy against paparazzi.

MediaTakeOut.com was first tipped off by dozens of readers who claimed that Bey’s new 2 month old baby looked strange in recent pics…and they suspected that Bey might be carrying around a doll – instead of a 2 month old baby.

Well MedaTakeOut.com did an investigation – and our findings were STARTLING!!! We looked at photos of Blue taken about a WEEK AND A HALF in New York – and compared them with images taken two days ago. In the photos, Baby Blue grew in height about 11%. To put that in perspective, if Blue was the AVERAGE HEIGHT two weeks ago (according to the WTO growth charts) she would have been 22 inches tall. In less than 2 WEEKS, Blue would have grown at LEAST 2.5 inches – making her the size of the average FOUR MONTH OLD. A growth rate like that is almost UNHEARD OF!!!
We here at MediaTakeout.com still believe that Beyonce DOES HAVE A REAL BABY – we just question whether she has a FAKE one also. But what do y’all think . . . is Bey walking around with a FAKE BABY???? Do you think Blue is gonna be like those babys on the SOAP OPERAS . . . where one year they’re IN DIAPERS . . . and the next year they’re GETTING MARRIED???

Source : MTO

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