The Vice President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Mr. Samuel Appenteng, has said it is counterproductive to categorise all SMEs as inefficient and high-risk.

?There are a significant number of entrepreneurs and businesses that are dynamic, and it is better to challenge them to improve more on their strengths and thereby contribute to growth of business and the national economy.?

Appenteng made this observation at the end of a two-day training programme on motivation for 14 AGI members that sought to improve their business literacy levels and managerial skills.

The training programme, the first of a series planned for every three weeks, is a collaborative effort between the AGI and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to provide training for SMEs.

The IFC has developed a toolkit, known as the SME Business Edge, specifically designed to train SMEs in Ghana. ?

The subject modules within and across each theme can be combined to create a tailor-made management training programme.?

The accompanying training materials focus on aspects of management that are critical for the efficient running and understanding of a business, and are especially suited for SME operations.

The training will be conducted by accredited IFC consultants and will be run in semesters.
It is the first of its kind and is geared towards the development of the human resource requirements of managers, key staff-members and other stakeholders interested in developing the SMEs sector.

Business Edge was first developed in Vietnam and has been successfully deployed in China, the Middle East and a number of African countries.? The objective of the SME programme is to provide AGI SME members with relevant business-training solutions and services to fulfil their potential business-training needs.

It is expected that the training will also generate greater visibility for AGI members and other organisations in Ghana.

?Ultimately, our desired objective at AGI is to be able to run a training institute duly accredited, to train and award certification to business managers, and that is deemed to be credible,? Appeteng said, adding that if any organisation is best-suited to train business people, it is the AGI — an association of business people who consistently advocate the advancement of private enterprise.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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