Rats don?t vomit. They cannot vomit because of their digestive anatomy. Do rats know this limitation or the architecture of their unique digestive system? Should the above question be asked to the rats first or to the leaders in the corporate world? The rats need not answer the question as they know it already and hence only the people in the corporate needs to search and find the meaning to the question.

Horse is the other animal that too cannot vomit. Why should one vomit? The process of vomiting is an involuntary response that helps the system to eliminate the toxic and other waste materials from the stomach.

Rats are extremely smart as they know their problem/limitation. The neophobia is a highly evolved behavioural response, the rat exhibits when they see anything new in their vicinity even if it is edible and eatable. The curiosity never kills the rats. If they easily surrender to curiosity and attempt to eat anything and everything without knowing the toxic effects, they will have to die of stomach blotting. The mechanism of rat poison simply targets only the limitation of the rats that they cannot vomit. But rats are smart and that is why the rat poison has not effectively worked against the rats.

?Be smart by knowing the weakness/limitation and be smart because of the weakness? is the management message, the rats conveys to the corporate. The smartness should be to overcome the weakness/limitations and only then one would win. If the smartness is an unrelated trait and is away from the weakness/limitation, such smartness yields nothing but death. No one can eliminate some inherent weakness but can overpower such weakness. Rats have learned this art and that is why the message of rats is so important to the corporate.

On the contrary, the limitation of the horse, not the horse, but the people who maintain and rear the horses must know the best. If they are not careful about the diet of the horse, their costly ?horse? may easily die of stomach blotting. The horses are really costly to maintain and that is why the famous phrase goes as ?horse eats money?.

In the corporate, the leaders should know the limitations of some of its employees. Example, if the corporate engage a task to the sales people, they should be very careful in not getting carried away by the ?tall talks of the sales people?. If the corporate fail to reason out the limitation of the sales people and get guided by them, they may safely open the door to disaster. For a sales person, everything is possible.

In certain occasions, the corporate should facilitate and catalyze people to know their limitations like rats and develop the required qualities to deal such limitations. This is what the corporate has to learn from rats.

From the horse, what the corporate has to learn is that they also must know the limitations of some of the people they deal with and have to be realistic and practical. Otherwise, instead of horse eating the money, the sales people may eat the money. Like sales people, corporate also must be careful with R&D people as they are also as good a horse in eating the corporate resources.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Learn more from the management book ? ?Jungle wisdom for corporate management ? lessons from university of nature? by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan


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