Afia Schwar shared a picture of herself she had taken some years ago on her Instagram account and for the obvious reason, the picture has gone so viral.  The Kasapa Fm Radio host posted the picture with the caption ? This is me,a brand new widow at the age of 26 turning 27 .

I saw this picture today and i laughed;how strong i have become, how i survived those times?how strong God made me after Reinhard?s death . It was a 1 year theme party of a friend?s daughter  Exactly 2months after Rays death?.i thank God for keeping me and also thank all my south African friends for all the support n hanging outs. .that kept me alive. From this resurrected the new me?.a very strong and happy woman. To God be all the glory? Am a survivor? And SOME Ghanaians decided to make a meme out of it which is creating that viral sensation.

One cannot help but to laugh the very first time he/she comes across the picture. See The Meme going Viral Below:

Seriously, we need to stop making fun at her already. We know she has a very potty mouth, which is why people are taking the opportunity to tease her a bit.

Sika y3 Ahouf3 For me, I can understand, she didn?t have any iPhone back then to take clearer pictures, and Photo Grid had not been developed back then and there were noo good make-ups back then and more importantly she earns a better salary now. So what do you expect? That she would look the same? She?s got the best make-up collection now, eats well, insults more which reduces the stress she goes through Plus Oluwa is involved.

Source: Ghbase


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