The Executives of the Amansie West Small Scale Miners Association (AWSSMA) have said the Association in conjunction with the police will from next week start processing small scale miners who are not card bearing members of the association before court for leaving the pits on their concessions uncovered after their operations at the expense of the association.

The Chairman of the Association, Akwasi Abu said the unregistered small scale miners in the Amansie West District will be made to face the full rigors of the law for failing to cover the pits on their concessions and for not being recognized by the association.

He made these remarks during their meeting at the District Capital, Manso-Nkwanta where they took decisions in connection with how to handle unregistered small scale miners in the area.

Mr. Abu said this has become necessary because there are some recalcitrant miners who deliberately decided not to join the association despite the several ultimatums given. He believed it is just proper for all small scale miners in the area to join the association since it is poised to ensuring environmental sanity in the district.

According to him, covering of abandoned pits by some miners after their operations is the reason why the association is formed and expressed shock at the miners who failed to join the crusade. He said it is improper for (AWSSMA) to be using its hard earned money to be covering pits which were dug by individuals who fail to join the association.

Mr. Abu noted due to the above, the group in collaboration with the police will start to declare war against their counter parts who refused to come on board to ensure that pits are covered to avoid degradation. He said environmental issue is a major concern to every Ghanaian; hence the associations decision to protect the land. Mr. Abu further revealed that posterity will not forgive them if they destroy the land as part of their mining activities.

He noted that they have some machines in the district that can easily facilitate the covering of pits and admonished every miner to come on board.

Mr. Abu revealed getting a concession to work on is difficult in the area. He pleads with government to help them secure bigger concessions adding mining is the only job avenue for the youth in the area. He said the executives will not allow the unregistered small scale miners to work if they fail to join the association which is registered with Registrar General?s Department.

The Secretary to the Association, Mr. Adu Poku Brempong said small scale mining in Ghana is what contributed significantly to Ghana?s high percentage recorded in gold production adding that small scale mining should not be under estimated in this country.


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