Stringent data retention legislations and 21st century data explosion has put I.T managers under a lot of stress. Data security challenges become stiff as the volume of databases increase. Data can’t be reliably restored if there is a hardware failure or a virus has attacked the system files. Even if you have succeeded in recovering the data, you cannot make up for the lost revenue caused by this interruption. Ongoing backup system is the only solution to such information disasters.

Digital Data Storage (DDS) is clearly the best tape format for growing enterprises and data-intensive SMBs. Its market dominance for the past 2 decades proves that the business enterprises are satisfied with its performance. Furthermore, its multiple versions deliver the scalability to keep pace with evolving storage requirements.

Quantum offers a vast range of I.T products, which are famous for their longer working life and unmatched performance.

Similarly, Quantum has also proved its technical excellence in backup industry. Its portfolio features complete range of DDS devices that cater the needs of every budget, while supporting their advanced and complex computing systems. Quantum’s DDS-3 tape solution allows multiple drive configurations, and delivers superior backup efficiency and long term investment protection to the small-scale companies and low-end segment. Users can efficiently backup data files at 7.92 GB/hour compressed speed. This is perfect for workstation and entry-level server applications. DDS technology has a solid history. Its scalable versions have carried the legacy of superior cost effectiveness and backward media compatibility. This enables DDS customers to strengthen data security enhance their backup performance without compromising their prior DDS investments.

CDM24, DDS3 cartridge features exceptional static resistance and delivers excellent reliability over a longer working life than its competitors. Quantum has embedded a unique media recognition system (MRS) in this cartridge, which facilitates the drives to detect its tape generation. DDS 3 tape packs 24GB (compressed) & 12GB (un compressed) data. Spaces in magnetic particles increase error rate, but Quantum has solved this problem by introducing ultra-fine particles and giving a mirror finish to the upper surface of tape reel. This has helped to enhance its capacity, whereas the exceptionally smooth base film improves data tracking. This is reason why Quantum DDS3 drives deliver unbeatable access time of less than 40 seconds. Memory of its data buffer has been improved to allow faster backup storage. The SCSI-2 interface connects Quantum DDS 3 customers to the leading computing systems used in small IT centers. So they can overcome the tough challenges and achieve their data security objectives at a superior

Small & medium businesses have small budgets and prefer to invest in those backup technologies that have proven history, low ownership cost and provide longer life expectancy. Quantum DDS3 solution provides complete peace of mind as both Quantum and DDS technology have established new performance and reliability standards. DDS 3 customers won’t run out of storage space as they have the option of high capacity DDS versions that reach up to the 7th generation known as DAT320 tape.

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