Customer satisfaction and customer engagement seem to be the new buzzwords in the business world. Almost all businesses today – big or small – design a series of activities to ensure that the customers are gainfully engaged by the business and come out of these interactions with complete customer expectation.

For small businesses, especially, quantifying customer satisfaction and customer engagement becomes extremely difficult – sometimes due to lack of resources and at other times, due to a lack of technical know-how. However, there are some simple techniques that can help you deal with these ever looming challenges. The businesses that succeed today are those that are able to create a customer experience that set them apart from other run-of-the-mill businesses.

Here are some quick tips to improve customer experience and ensure positive engagement:

Start Off With Understanding Your Customers

The only way to address your customers’ needs is to understand them. Acknowledge the importance of your customers and get to know them. This way, you will be able to give them exactly what they need. For instance, if you have a clothing store, identify your main target audience, know their fashion needs and stock up on the products that are most in demand.

Showcase Your Customers

As the popular adage goes, customer is king. Unfortunately, most businesses that realize this, fail to show their appreciation. An easy way to pamper your customers and increase their engagement with your business is to find a way in which you can showcase them. Customer testimonials on your website are one of the most popular ways of doing this, but think outside the box. Perhaps you can get some of your customers to sport your merchandise and send you photographs or videos of it. You can then showcase these on your website or your stores.

Cash Back Really Works

What can be a better way to please your customers than to put money back into their pockets? An end of season sale works and so do buy one get one free schemes, but what really works is cash back schemes. Let your customers pay for your goods and services, but show them your appreciation by giving some of their hard earned money back to them.

Interact with Your Customers

A virtual birthday greeting or anniversary card does not cost anything other than a few minutes of your time. But it certainly makes your customer feel great about their association with you. You can even take it a step further and give them a call on their special day. Send them a gift voucher or better still, a small gift to show them your appreciation.

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