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Event factory, one of the leading event organizers in Ghana has put together an exciting show themed the ?The Black And White?, scheduled for Friday, the 13th of December. It will host some of the biggest performers and entertainers in the country from the hi-life and hip- life genres. The Black and White event is designed to host  a blend of musical legends and best performers from the eighties and the current stars across both genres. 

Event Factor comments:  ?The black and white concert is an event designed to entertain lovers of both the old and the current music and also cut across different parameters.?

?Secondly, Highlife meets hip- life is the sub title of this event and it?s to determine whether the current genre of music has come to take over from the older generation of music. It against this background that we intend to put together the best of the old school against the best of new school.?

?Finally and most importantly we want patrons to enjoy both genre of music and to show the immortality of good music. We are giving a whole new and different experience to events in Ghana.?

Currently as one can see all over town, there is solid confirmation on the artists who will be mounting the stage to represent their generation.  Representing the old generation Hi- life genre, Doctor Paa bobo and George jarra will be led multiple by award winning and honored living legend Amakye Dede.  The new generation?s corner will be represented by Guru, Castro and these will be led by the reaffirmed king of dancehall, Samini.


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