Spring is in the air – trees have begun blooming and people are getting out and about. So if you are planning a weekend trip to Austin, do not forget to visit Lake Austin. It is one of the most gorgeous lakes on the Colorado River. Surrounded by the beauty of the Central Texas Hill Country, the terrain is breathtaking and you can enjoy the full range of water activities on the lake.

Once you are out on the lake, you will need a place to eat and drink. The lake area is surrounded by numerous small eateries, pubs and bistros, but you should make sure to check out the Ski Shores Restaurant. It has the most delectable food and also has a place in history.

Back in 1947, Marion Fowler moved to the area and decided to build several cabins for tourists to stay in while visiting.

So he built around 20 cabins – all with kitchenettes. Over a period of time, he noticed that tourists preferred grabbing a bite with their friends outside, and thus in 1954, the Ski Shores Waterfront Cafe was built by the Fowler family. Since then, it has been a huge hit amongst both residents and tourists and has become a piece of local history.

It started off as a modest eatery, but because of its superior location, laid back atmosphere and good food, it grew. It has become very popularwith both locals and tourists over the years. Unfortunately, it had to close its doors in 2009 because of the recession. But recently, because of the love for the Fowlers and the immense popularity of this waterfront cafe, it is back in business once again!

If you love the water, if you love being with family and friends and if you love food, do not forget to stop by Lake Austin and indulge in the good food and the plethora of water sports available here. If you want to rent a ski boat or a pontoon boat,log on to http://makinwaveswatercraft.com/ to learn moreorto make a reservation online.

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