The singer denies stabbing another DJ

Some hours ago, the internet became agog on reports that popular Nigerian artiste, Adeyemi Lawal Quadri otherwise known as Skaliey Mental allegedly stabbed one of his friends named DJ Kelvin but also known as Kelvin.

It was also reported that the dreadlock-singer was arrested by the incident over the issue. In a signed statement by his publicist, Osaremen Ehi James, he claimed that Skaliey Mental wasn?t the person that stabbed Kelvin but a mutual friend of himself and Kelvin named Walex.

The press statement reads:

?Our attention has been drawn to reports claiming our client Adeyemi Lawal Quadri popularly known as Skaliey Mental allegedly stabbed one DJ Kelvin also known as Kelvin.

?We hereby wish to debunk such reports about our client. There was no time Skaliey did such act as reported. He is a law abiding citizen of the country and also a very jovial person to be with.

?However, there is no doubt about Skaliey being aware of the incident, but he was not the one that stabbed Kelvin as it is being reported. A mutual friend of both Skaliey and Kelvin known as Walex was the culprit of the act.

?This was also confirmed by statements taken by police from Kelvin, Skaliey and T Blaze, whose studio the ugly incident happened that day at Agbado area of Lagos.

?On the report that Skaliey and his manager were contacted by the writer of the story, we wish to say that there was no time they were contacted to get their own sides of the story.

?Those who ever put calls through to Skaliey know that whenever his number is not reachable or at network range, his (Skaliey) phone calls are always diverted to his manager?s (Tayo) phone number.

?While we appreciate the enormous work of the media, we would appreciate if the truth is always reported about our stars so as to keep the noble pen profession in high respect.

?We appreciate the love our fans have shown to us all these while. We wish to once again categorically state that Skaliey is not and would never be violent. He will remain a true and law abiding citizen of Nigeria as he has always been.”

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