Six out of 34 schools are through to the finals of the National Commission for Civic Education’s Constitution Quiz in the La Dadekotopon Municipality (LaDMA).

The winning schools topped each of the six districts, which submitted a total of 28 public schools and six private schools.


These include, Tenashie Junior High school from Manle-Dada Circuit, Emmaus Presby JHS, from Emmaus Circuit and Association Community Basic JHS from Airport Rangoon Circuit.

The rest are Wireless ‘1’ JHS from Adobetor Circuit, Garrison JHS from Adjetey Circuit and 5BN JHS from Arakan Circuit.

The final round is scheduled for November this year.

The competition aims at promoting the relevance of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana to citizens and to inculcate in the youth their civic responsibilities.

The Member of Parliament for La Dadekotopon , Mr Vincent Odotei Sowah, with the Municipal Assembly assisted the local NCCE to organise the contest.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the relevance of the competition, Mrs Gloria Amarkai Kudo, the Municipal Director, said it was to ensure both young children and the youth were abreast with the provisions of the constitution that would enable them to become good citizens to build a strong and prosperous nation in the future.

It also formed part of the Commission’s efforts in ensuring that corruption was eradicated or brought to the barest minimum.

She expressed her gratitude to Mr Odotei Sowah for his support to a worthy cause.

“All these years, we have been looking for sponsorship and luckily this year, the MP for La Dadekotopon has come to our aid. In actual fact, the support was supposed to come in for the grand finale, so it was a surprise to us when he decided to join from the zonal competition.

“He has also promised that going forward, he will be supporting the competition and I think it is a good thing that has happened for us and a great achievement because it will go a long way in motivating the pupils to give of their best,” she stated.

Mr Odotei Sowah, for his part, expressed his satisfaction with the efforts made by the Commission to inculcate in the youth values of patriotism and integrity.

He noted that investing in the youth was imperative if the country was to have bright leaders in the unforeseen future.

He said, “We need our pupils to grow up not to be number crunchers, excelling in Mathematics and the ICTs .

“We need them to grow up as good citizens, to know about the environment, the socio-political structures, our systems and the entire country with the various authorities in charge.”

He assured the Commission of his continuous towards educating the youth within the Municipality, saying education remained his priority.


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