Six new Russian Mi-8 MTV-5 helicopters arrived in Belarus, Belarusian Defense Ministry said on Friday in a statement.

The helicopters that have landed at the Machulishchi aerodrome near Minsk, the capital of Belarus, are the second batch of the contract for the supply of 12 military Mi-8 MTV-5 helicopters, the military department said.

The Mi-8 MTV-5 equipped with a modern complex of flight navigation and radio communication equipment, as well as special night vision equipment and a parachute dropping system, which make it possible to use the helicopter to solve both combat and transport tasks.

The Defense Ministry added that the flight and technical staff had already been retrained to operate this type of helicopter in Russia.

Belarus had received six Russian Mi-8 MTV-5 helicopters in November 2016, which can be used in health care, search and rescue missions as well as for transportation operations. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/