Who would not love to save on international tickets? If the cheap international tickets can be availed, then there are few reasons to leave the opportunity. Usually, people do make searches and inquiries for the best possible rates on flights tickets. However, there might be times when the people would not opt for the available cheap tickets and there could be many reasons for the same. Perhaps, the most important reason for not taking the cheap tickets could be the lack of credibility of a particular airline among its target market. The loss of credibility of the airline could result due to a number of reasons, some of which could be the following:


Poor services: There are many ways to reduce the expenses for providing the cheap ticket rates such as rationalization of in-flight and on-ground amenities, increased operational efficiency and other such positive measures. But, the airlines might also resort to lowering of the quality parameters to such levels which may not be liked by the people.


Non-reliable services: If the airlines has a history of persistent delays and cancellations of flights and is erratic in their scheduled operation, then there is a significant erosion of its reliability among the customers. So, the demand for the domestic or international tickets on that airline will see a decline and the people might not be willing to take even the cheap international tickets offered by it.

3. Improper management: Constant friction among the employees and the management of the airlines leading to frequent strikes that result in disruptions of the regular services and the affecting the customers also makes the customers vary of taking even the cheap tickets. The improper management of the finances resulting in accumulation of heavy debts and the inability to pay the dues of stakeholders (salary of employees, interest to lenders) can make the employees and the customers alike to abandon taking the services of the airline.

It can be seen that the factors which can result in loss of credibility are essentially internal to the airline. In an age of the advanced media communications where information travels around the world in matters of second, the news of persistent problems of the airlines results in quick decline in the demand for its services. And, if the same continues for a long period of time, the perception of the airline in the minds of people deteriorates and they would no longer be inclined to board cheap international flights on it.

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