Use Site replication to provide Your Distributors a Web Presence
In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is extremely important for any business to remain a few steps ahead of their competitors. By making use of site replication facilities, even multi level marketing distributors can now enjoy the benefits of having a reputable and professional online image. With rapid advances being made in technology on an almost daily basis, site replication has become a lot easier than people think.

Enhance Site replication with Customized Domain Names
Almost everyone who has an online presence knows how important it is to have a customized domain name for their website. With site replication, it is also possible for each MLM distributor to have a customized domain name for their site.

This enables each of them to build up their unique client base without encroaching on the territory of another MLM distributor from the same company. It also ensures that their clients are able to easily make contact with them without needing to first go through the main website of the MLM distributorship. Customized domains also make it easier for network members to keep in touch with their specific distributor.

Site replication Allows for the Integration of Social Media
Many people think that site replication means that each MLM distributor has the same website with the same functionality. This is not true, because each distributor is able to have various features and functions added to their replicated website which will make their lives more convenient. An example of a function which can be integrated into a replicated website is that of social media.

By adding Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profile and contact information, it will ensure that new, as well as existing clients, are able to make use of social media to keep in contact with their MLM distributor.

Incorporate Group Email Broadcasting and a Handy Calendar into Replicated Websites
With time being of the essence for every MLM distributor these days, it is good to know that there is a wide variety of time-saving features that can be successfully incorporated into their websites. A calendar and task list can be integrated to ensure that the distributor never forgets another appointment. Group email and broadcasting facilities allow the distributor to send emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. This is especially handy for welcoming new recruits to the network and ensuring that promotional emails reach everyone. For this purpose, contacts can be imported into the replicated website from almost any email account, which is also an excellent time-saving feature for the distributor.

By making use of site replication, any multi level marketing company can ensure that they are making use of one of the very best marketing tools which have been tailor-made to suit the needs of their distributors. The benefits and functionality of site replication are so advantageous that no multi level marketing company should be without them. Always ensure that a reputable company is used to deal with all of your site replication needs.

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