In 2015 and 2016, Sister Wives star Meri Brown made headlines after carrying on an online affair with a woman, Jackie Overton, who was pretending to be a man named Sam Cooper. Now Life & Style magazine has learned that ‘Sam Cooper’ has been slapped with a restraining order from a new victim.

After Mary McGregor posted about the catfishing scandal on her YouTube channel, Jackie, she tells Life & Style, started “harassing” her, claimed to have hacked her computer and threatened to make child abuse reports against her.

This January, “She started posting the names of my family and friends [online],” she says. “She tried contacting my son on Facebook [and] she started posting that she is going to make child abuse reports against me, claiming that I’m abusing my baby.”

Mary also claims Jackie told her she’d hacked her computer and threatened to release stolen files. Mary says she reported Jackie to the FBI and filed a police report, and on Aug. 10, she was granted an emergency order of protection against her, pending a hearing on Aug. 25.

“I’m afraid she may be dangerous,” Mary admits to Life & Style. “She is scary.”