The un-disputable new prominent member of New Patriotic Party (NPP), “Osagyefo Dr” Kwame Mayor, ?has publicly said that the Politically-Motivated (Persecuted) NPP General Secretary, “Sir John”, who was his Senior at “Great Koss”, where Supreme Court Justice Baffoe Bonnie was also his Senior, should have boldly defended himself against Justice Atuguba’s (‘Apartheid Contempt of Court’), which is terrorizing Civilians — reminding Ghanaians that the Legendary, and Fearless Nelson Mandela boldly defended himself against the evils of Apartheid, despite being thrown into Prison for about Twenty Eight (28) years, by Satanic Powers.
The Fair-Minded Politician appealed to Ghanaians to pray to God Almighty, Yaweh, and Allah to forgive Justice Atuguba, and the other Supreme Court Justices who crucified “Sir John” on a Black Cross, and “Baptised him with Fire”, instead of Water, calculated to create un-necessary fear in Ghana.
He appealed to Ghanaians around the World, and the International Community to prepare themselves and visit Prayer Camps he would like to build Around the World, for his new Church — Millionaires Salvation Synagogue, an affiliate of Rich Souls Ministries.
Justice Atuguba has been publicly invited to worship at the new Church, and pray for forgiveness for awarding Ghana’s stolen Money to Woyome, while Woyome has also been invited to seek forgiveness, and vomit Ghana’s stolen money to the People of Ghana.
? ? “Verily, Verily, I say unto you that Justice Atuguba, who awarded Ghana’s stolen money to Woyome, (and Woyome himself), who is the newly crowned ‘Africa’s 419 Heavy Weight Champion’, can be forgiven of their sins, [if] they repent, and are willing to throw themselves into the “Baptism of Fire”, and pay back Ghana’s stolen money (which Justice Atuguba awarded to Woyome), to the People of Ghana.
? ? ? “Let me assure the Nation, and the whole World that [if] Supreme Court Justice Atuguba rules on behalf of NPP in the Election Petition, and declares Nana Akuffo Addo as the winner, NPP members, and supporters will be the same People who will sing and praise Justice Atuguba as a lenient, good, and fair-minded Justice”, said the Democratic activist, who said that he does not hate anybody, but will always fight back against ‘Enemies of Democracy”, ‘Enemies of Freedom’, and ‘Enemies of Liberty”, especially, the Satanic Al-Queda, and Boko Haram Terrorists, and their Terrorising Supporters.
Asked about what he thinks about the former NDC Deputy Minister, (Kobby Acheampong’s) Anti-Asante, or Anti-Akan “Kokoo asi” Tribalistic insult — the Pan-Africanist Politician described the so-called (Kobby Acheampong) as a “Tribalistic Black Klu Klux Klan”, in Africa, who is suffering from his own (personal) Inferiority Complex Syndrome, and a dangerous Anti-American, Anti-Democracy, and Savage Tribalistic Terrorist.
Kwame Mayor explained that he re-joined NPP to take over from Cowards who are always afraid of standing up to?Pro-AFRC, and Pro-PNDC forces, or?Rawlings’ faction of NDC, who are always terrorizing innocent Ghanaians from all innocent Tribes, and innocent Ethnic Groups.
? ? ? “I am now ready to contest for NPP Flagbearership in 2016, and when I win Ghana’s 2016 Presidential Election, I will rule for only one term like the Legendary Nelson Mandela, and pave way for our Ghanaian Brothers, and Sisters who are from Northern and Upper Regions; and Ewes, Buems, Krachis, as well as Gas, etc, etc, to also become Flagbearers of NPP, and Presidents of Ghana, said the Pan-Africanist Ashanti Royal Politician, (whose very Biological Great Grand-Fathers from Bamang, near the famouse Kente weaving Village of Bonwire in Ashanti Region, the Historical, and Legitimate Occupants of Asanteman’s Adonteng Puduo Stool, bravery led all Ashanti Wars against Colonialism, and Imperialism, perpetuated on African Soil by “our Dear White Brothers, and Sisters”.


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