The poll found that 80 percent of respondents agreed that Singapore has a good public transport system, up from 74 percent last year.

sbs1Similarly, 66 percent agreed that public transport in the country is generally affordable, up from 63 percent last year, said Reach in the press release.

Reach commissioned a telephone poll with 1,200 randomly selected Singapore residents aged 15 and above from Feb. 29 to March 4 to gauge public sentiment on key public transport issues.

In terms of bus wait time, 37 percent of the respondents felt that the wait time has improved compared to a year ago, however, 10 percent said it is longer.

As for bus crowdedness, 29 percent said it is less crowded now than a year ago, while 20 percent felt it is now more packed, according to the survey.

The survey showed that about six in 10 respondents felt the government’s efforts will help improve the reliability of train services. In general, respondents who use the bus or train as their main mode of transportation were more confident that the government’s efforts will help in this regard.

Half of all respondents were supportive of moving toward lower car ownership in Singapore, said the survey. Only 16 percent and 18 percent of bus, MRT and taxi users were not supportive, whereas 31 percent of car users did not support the idea. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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