Business owners often finds it difficult to keep a track on paper invoices, purchase order and maintaining sales report. Handling these tasks manually is extremely difficult and hence, businesses do require tools like billing and quotation software that considerable eases the task of billing and providing quotes. Today every company use the billing and quotation software that save considerable amount of time that would have been wasted while doing these tasks manually. The use of this software allow automatic numbering of the document and tax and VAT is also automatically calculated. The information regarding the customers and the products can be loaded from the pre-defined list and photo attachment option is also provided in quotation and invoices.

Billing and quotation software help businesses in billing customers that come through online orders and invoices and the billing and quotation processes are managed with greater efficiency thereby saving time and money of the companies.

This software can be used to create templates for all the products and services offered along with their price. A template can be copied or edited for future use and a business can add new product or service and save their information. The pricing of the quotation can be modified and more than one service can be added in quotation and invoice. Businesses can also keep track of pending, closed and deleted invoices and can follow up on pending invoices.

Billing software quickly generates invoices and billing records can be created for the customers and then a batch billing process can be runned that will automatically generate the due invoices.

Businesses with the sue of this software can add finance charges for past due balance and late fees for late payments and can opt for e-mail or print invoice option for each customer. Billing template in the software allow billing for items like internet service, weekly property maintenance, monthly service contracts or any such items that are usually billed on recurring basis.

Billing and quotation software quickly create invoices or quotations for business clients. The user friendly interface of the software is extremely simple and easy to follow. The software also allows  customization of the invoices or the quotations and one can add shipping address from the record that can be easily maintained. The software enables to maintain client contact details as well as employee details and can also enter details of work undertaken for the clients.

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