Simon CowellSimon Cowell’s pregnant lover, Lauren Silverman, was branded a “sl**y princess” by classmates at University School in Davie, Florida.


Socialite Lauren Silverman moved to University School in Davie, Florida, when she was 16 after an alleged fling with an English teacher at her previous school, where she became friends with actress Brooke Mueller, who went on to marry Charlie Sheen.

One of her former classmates told The Sun newspaper: “We used to call Lauren a sl**y princess behind her back. She was so in-your-face, with an ‘I’m better than you’ attitude.

“She and Brooke were close. They knew they were attractive to boys and thought that made them superior. They attracted the jocks, those on the football team.

“If you were not in their clique you just stayed clear of them.

“They had all the boys hanging round them.”

Meanwhile, Simon is holidaying with a bevy of beauties on a ?30 million yacht in the South of France, but reportedly can’t concentrate on having fun and is said to have been on the phone to Lauren – who is locked in a divorce battle with estranged husband Andrew – for up to eight hours a day.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Obviously Simon has a lot to think about. He’s finding it hard to relax but speaking to Lauren does help.

“He hates the idea of her struggling alone through her divorce but they’ve agreed not to see each other until it’s all done with.

“They still need to work out what’s happening between them. Their lives are about to change forever.”


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