Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell felt bad about his alleged affair in the past. In an interview with The Mail on Sunday Event magazine published on November 15, the judge of “The X Factor” said he’s not proud of stealing his friend’s wife.

“I’m not proud of the circumstances, I can’t hold my head up about it,” Simon told the news outlet. His affair with his now-partner Lauren began in 2009 when she was married to property developer Andrew Silverman. In July 2013, news broke that she was pregnant with his son.

Of Lauren’s pregnancy, Simon said, “This was not something I planned. But I remember going to the first scan with Lauren. I called him Tad because he looked like a tadpole.” He admitted that he changed after he learned of having a son. “Something just kicked in. I felt unbelievably protective of both of them. I just absolutely wanted him. I just hadn’t known that before,” he confessed.

Though Lauren finally divorced Andrew at the end of 2013, Simon didn’t have plan to wed her. However, the music mogul clearly loves his son as saying, “I adore my son. We make each other laugh. We play with the dogs. I’ve taught him to share, to say please and thank you. Whatever he has he offers it to me.”

Simon, who has an estimated fortune of more than $540 million, said he wanted to give his money to good causes rather than to leave it to his son. “I don’t like the idea you just sort of pass it down from generation to generation. I mean, I find that quite disgusting,” said the music producer. “No one ever gave me a penny and I believe part of my drive was to do with the fact I had nothing to lose. That gives you a lot of energy.”



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