Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is reportedly passing messages to pregnant lover Lauren Silverman through singer Jennifer Lopez while he lies low.


The media mogul is lying low in the midst of his lovechild drama and the singer is helping him stay in contact with socialite Lauren Silverman during her on-going divorce from her husband Andrew.

An insider told the Sunday Express newspaper: “She and Lauren have met at least twice. There have been quite a few phone calls between the two.

“Lauren has come to regard Jen as her only lifeline to Simon. The arrangement has taken a lot of stress out of her situation. Jen has assured her Simon would never, ever leave her and their unborn child out to hang.

“While Jen isn’t altogether comfortable playing sob sister, she’s come to understand how worried Lauren is and let her know she will continue to be there for her.”

Meanwhile the ‘X Factor’ boss has reportedly held a secret meeting with Andrew in New York as the former friends attempt to clear the air.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, a source revealed: “Simon must have gone to great lengths to make sure this meeting was kept private because he didn’t even tell his close friends.

“No doubt it was difficult for both of them but they must have felt it needed to happen.

“Simon Always believes seeing someone in person to talk about difficult issues is the best way. They are all doing whatever they can to keep it amicable.”


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