When I was much younger, I dreamed of walking into school to meet a top public figure waiting to inspire me- this may have been a dream for me, but that was reality of the Students of The British International School today.

gggSilky Songstress Irene Logan without prior noise has embarked on an inspirational tour targeted at schools across Ghana. Just a week after the launch of her steamy afro-soul track “Medowo”, the Glo ambassador and UNHCR activist kicked off the first leg of her mission to motivate young people.

Irene sparked excitement at the premises of the British International School secondary department, as she took over their pep-talk session to share her experiences and empower the student to go for their dreams. Irene Logan stressed the fact that the teenagers are the future of Africa.

Speaking to Irene Logan, she stated her inspiration to embark on the tour by saying “There is a lack of motivation amongst young people and the next generation needs to be schooled, so they don’t make the same mistakes that our leaders make over and over again.

Irene Logan also announced new projects, but failed to disclose what is to come. keep your fingers crossed.






Source: ?Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh


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