please boys over 6 years of age use men's restroom

Sign advising boys over six to use men?s bathroom sparks ?controversy. The notice, which reads ?please boys over 6 years of age use men?s restroom?, was taped to the wall of a women?s toilet at an Oklahoma outlet mall, in America.

The Oklahoma City Moms Blog posted the image on Facebook, sparking debate worldwide.

Many women noted it?s a safety issue: They would simply not be comfortable sending a boy into the men?s restroom by himself at 6 or even older and would just ignore the sign.

?Way too young to go alone anywhere, we have to protect our children at any age,? one woman wrote.

Others said a boy should be perfectly safe to go into the men?s room alone as long as a parent waited right outside the door.

Some commenters complained that boys who come into the ladies? restroom sometimes aren?t adequately supervised.



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