The Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana, Alhaji Ahmad Suleman Anderson, has urged Muslims to reject intolerance and extremism.

He reminded them to respect everybody’s freedom of expression and belief, adding that, nobody has the right to bully or annoy anyone because of their religious belief.

They should uphold “our common humanity” and accept to show kindness towards Allah’s creation irrespective of their religion, ideological differences, tribe, culture, color, sex, age or status.

He was addressing the 34th annual national rally of the Ahmadiyya Mission Elders’ Association (Majlis Anserulla Ijtema’s) held in Kumasi.

The Ameer called for all genuine Islamic faithful to preach and to live in harmony with everybody.

“Ensuring peaceful co-existence in a multi-cultural and religious society, the model set by the Holy Prophet” was the theme chosen for the three-day event.

It brought together in excess of 2,000 faithful from across the nation and the goal was to renew their faith.

Alhaji Anderson condemned the violent attacks and brutal killing of people in different parts of the world because of their religion or creed.

These incidents and the likes, he said, “have turned a slogan of religious freedom into a baseless claim that no one abides by in action”.

The Ameer indicated if Muslims would understand the Holy Prophet and truly abide by his examples, they should be able to change the world for the better.

He noted that the Holy Prophet, despite the atrocities, persecution, and ill-treatment by his kinsmen including his closest family members never used aggression as a means to promote his religion.

“He tolerated them without any curse on his lips, no desire for revenge in his eyes and no bragging in his head.”

Source: GNA/